Year 2001

    • GTJA Investment Group was established

    Year 2003

    • Invested in Mindray Medical, and
      kept focus in healthcare industry

    Year 2004

    • Started the mode of industrial holding

    Year 2007

    • Invested and kept holding Boya Bio

    Year 2012

    • Boya Bio successfully went public on Growth Enterprise Market (300294)

    Year 2014

    • The 2nd PE fund for healthcare industry was set up

    Year 2015

    • GIG- Di'an Diagnostics Industrial Investment Fund was set up
    • The activity of Learning from Huawei was launched, thus accelerated the rapid development
    • I- Health Finance, the online financial platform of the Group, was formally launched

    Year 2016

    • The 3rd PE fund for healthcare industry was set up
    • Overseas investment strategy was launched

    Year 2017

    • Ruipeng Healthcare Fund is gaining momentum