• BoYa Bio
    BoYa Bio
    Established in 1993, Boya is a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise centered on blood products business, aiming to be the biggest enterprise producing monosomic blood products and a world-class blood products enterprise. Boya gained the strategic holding investment by GIG in 2007, and successfully went public on Growth Enterprise Market(stock code: 300294) in 2012
  • DanXia Bio
    DanXia Bio
    Established in 2008, Danxia is a producing enterprise of professional research and developing, producing and sale of blood products, with a capacity of handling 400 tons of blood, aiming to be a domestically first-class blood products enterprise, strategically mergered by GIG in March, 2017.
  • XinBai Pharm
    XinBai Pharm
    Established in 2001, XINBAI has been focusing on the developing and popularizing of elite domestically produced bio-medication, with the goal of building a groupized enterprise, aiming to be a large integrated pharmaceutical group company of research and developing, producing and sale in the field of medicine and healthcare products producing and selling, changed to be a subsidiary company of Boya Bio-pharmaceutical in 2015.
  • Tian’an Pharm
    Tian’an Pharm
    Established in 2002, Tian’an is a professional integrated pharmaceutical enterprise of research and developing, producing and sale of diabetic medication, aiming to be the best enterprise of diabetic pharmaceutical and healthcare, strategically purchased by Boya Bio-pharmaceutical in August, 2015.
  • Sino-MD
    Established in 2008, Sinomd is the developer of clinical application of gene detection, and a gene detecting enterprise with innovative advantages in products for Whole course of tumor, Pharmacogenomics and Detection of pathogenic microorganism, that gained a strategic investment by GIG in 2013.
  • AJK Finance
    AJK Finance
    Established in 2015, AJK is a forerunner of online financial platforms in domestic investing, seeking elite subjects of creditor’s right in the four phases of equity investment, which are fund raising, investing, managing and quitting, so as to create risk-controllable and return-remarkable chances of creditor’s right investment for investors with its professional and stable value investing philosophy as well as the reasonable and safe transaction design. AJK aims to be the most excellent online financial platform in the field of Big Health.
  • Mindray Bio-medical
    Mindray Bio-medical
    Established in 1991, Mindray is a leading supplier for medical equipments and solutions, which went public in NYSE in 2006 and was delisted in the beginning of 2016. Mindray gained the investment in Pre-IPO from GIG in November, 2016 and submitted IPO materials to A-shares in May, 2017.
  • United Imaging
    United Imaging
    Established in 2011, United Imaging is high-end medical instrument and informatization solution provider. UI is bellwether in this area and aims to build world class China medical instrument company.
  • Henlius
    Established in 2009, Henlius covered R&D and production of tumour, autoimmune diseases, etc monoclonal antibody subminimum medicine and innovative McAb. H aims to build a world wide most respect and admired innovative bio-medicine company.
  • Annoroad
    Established in 2012, Annoroad is the most notable star enterprise of high-throughput sequencing, aiming to be an advanced eco-enterprise in gene industry, strategically invested by GIG respectively in Round B in 2015 and Round C in 2017.
  • ICT
    Established in 2009, Sidansai is focusing on research and application of CAR-T, gene editing and stem cells technology, aims to become industry leader of global cell therapy area. SDS got GIG investment in 2018, round B.
  • Singlera
    Established in 2015, Singlera has tumour early screening technology and companion diagnostics product as core business, covering R&D, production and sales session. S aims to develop and apply new generation gene sequencing technology to clinical. S got GIG investment in 2018, round A+.
  • Jabrehoo
    Established in June 2011, Jabrehoo becomes industry leader of assisted reproduction area. J is expert service provider for genetic screening and diagnose, including instrument, consumable, reagent and bio-information analysis platform.J got GIG investment in 2018, round C.
  • RBPC
    Established in 2002, RBPC is a comprehensive company with R&D, production, marketing and sales department. The product pipeline covers treatment, precautionary and biological reagent area.RBPC got GIG investment in 2017.
  • Harmony Diagnostics
    Harmony Diagnostics
    Established in 2010, Harmony Diagnostics is the biggest domestic medical inspection company featured with mass spectrum/color spectrum, aiming to be a leading domestic brand in the field of high-end medical inspection, Round C invested in 2015 by GIG as the leading investor.
  • Yunshan Medical
    Yunshan Medical
    Established in 2015, Yunshan Medical was founded by senior professors from famous university and management expertise from hospital. YS aims to build comprehensive medical group which is focus on healthcare industry, healthcare management, research and development.
  • Akesobio
    Established in 2012, Akesobio has been dedicated to developing innovative antibody medicine with independent intellectual property right, aiming to be an international first-class enterprise of innovative antibody medication, Round B invested in 2017 by GIG as the leading investor.
  • Righton
    Established in 2012, Righton is now the leading company in domestic leukemia molecule diagnosing market, running the main business of researching, producing and selling of blood products and accurate molecule diagnosing products for solid tumors while providing relative inspecting service, Round B invested by GIG in December, 2016.
  • HuaYin Health
    HuaYin Health
    Established in 2009, HUAYIN is the largest third-party inspection service company in domestic long-distance pathological diagnosing, with the core capacity of medical diagnostic technology and service to provide all-round solutions for medical organizations, aiming to be a worldwide first-class medical service enterprise. HUAYIN gained the investment in Round B in May, 2017 by GIG as the leading investor.
  • Mabworks
    Established in 2003, Mabworks holds a strong capacity of researching and developing monoclonal antibody-based medicine and industrial technology, and has formed a well rounded technology system, aiming to be a bio-pharmaceutical enterprise with core products and sustainable innovative ability, both Round A in 2016 and Round B in 2017 invested by GIG as the leading investors.
  • Vivachek
    Established in 2013, Vivachek is a rising star in the field of blood sugar inspection, aiming to be a globally leading company in segmented industries of POCT.
  • Bioscience
    Established in 2010, Bioscience is a giant enterprise on in vitro diagnosis featured with chemiluminescence, aiming to be a leading supplier of in vitro diagnosis products in Asia, strategically invested by GIG in Round A in 2014 and Round A+ in 2015.
  • She Says
    She Says
    Established in 2005, SHE SAYS is a special chain hospital for plastic surgery and aesthetic jointly founded by domestically famous plastic surgery experts, aesthetic and skincare experts and stomatological experts, now ranking ahead in domestic medical aesthetic industry as one of the most powerful and influential medical aesthetic organizations in the southwest. SHE SAYS gained the strategic investment in August, 2017 from GIG.
  • Mebel
    Established in July 2012, MEBEL is a chain organization providing medical aesthetic service, aiming to be a leading enterprise in medical aesthetic industry, strategically invested by GIG in January, 2017.
  • Arsmo
    Established in 2010, ARSMO is focusing on Medical Plastic industry and aims to build international M-P art and culture brand.ARSMO got GIG investment in 2017, Pre- IPO round.
  • Wellem
    Established in 2015, WELLEM is the first US-originated private pediatric clinic, bringing in the advanced medical and managing philosophy from America by double-brand operating with Sunray Clinic, aiming to be the first brand of domestic medium/high-end pediatric chain clinics, Round A invested in April, 2017 by GIG as the leading investor.
  • ZJ Bio-tech
    ZJ Bio-tech
    Established in 2005, ZJ Bio-tech is a domestic leading enterprise in the producing of molecule diagnosing reagent, which is also laying out for subsidiary fields of IVD, Pre-IPO invested in April, 2017 by GIG as the leading investor.
  • ASK e-health
    ASK e-health
    Established in 2014, ASK has assisted departments in out-of-hospital chronic disease management, aiming to be the leading enterprise in China’s commercial health insurance, Round A invested by GIG in 2016.
  • ZhiTong Bio
    ZhiTong Bio
    Established in 1993, ZHITONGSHENGWU has set the goal of building an internationally first-class integrated industrial base of ICH bio-chemical materials and preparation, Pre-IPO invested in December, 2015 by GIG.
  • BioValley
    Established in 1999, BIOVALLEY went public in the New OTC Market in August, 2015. Devoted to prophylaxis and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular disease, BIOVALLEY is an integrated professional high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise of researching, developing, producing and selling of medicine of herba erigerontis series, aiming to be a leading enterprise of chronic diseases treating with superior botanical resources, Pre-IPO invested by GIG in July, 2016.
  • Sansure Biotech
    Sansure Biotech
    Established in 2008, with the core of gene detecting technology, Sansure is an integrated whole solution supplier of diagnosing reagent, apparatus researching and developing, producing, selling and technology service together with third-party medical inspection service. Sansure is now one of the leading enterprises with the most advanced technology and the most complete product line in domestic gene detecting industry, invested by GIG in August, 2017.
  • EnDi Bio
    EnDi Bio
    Established in 2011, ENDISHENGWU owns a worldly first-class sequencing platform and laboratory researching and developing team of biological information analyzing, among the first that gained support from the country in the thirteenth Five-Year Plan in the field of birth defect inspection, and the only enterprise that simultaneously possesses the technology platforms of CTC and ctDNA in the field of tumor liquid biopsy, having a national marketing network to increase achievements fast. ENDISHENGWU gained the investment from GIG in Round A in July, 2017.
  • AnBiPing Pharm
    AnBiPing Pharm
    Established in 2005, LBP focuses on the producing and service of pathological diagnosing products, aiming to be a leading company in domestic pathological diagnosing products industry so as to better share the value of growing with partners, invested in August, 2017 by GIG.